Homeowner Rights


In the state of Tennessee, landlords and tenants have rights. Those rights include safe living conditions, collecting rent, or the eviction process.

Buying A New Home

When you buy a new home, the builder provides you with warranties. Sometimes, despite the warranty, the builder will refuse to correct a deficiency in the residence. There are also occasions where the homeowner finds serious defects in his new home. It could be settling of the residence, water seeping into the basement or crawl space or negligence in the building of the home. The property owner has rights through the legal system to address these issues.

New Development

There are times that a homeowner has resided in his home for many years. Over the course of time, a developer builds a new subdivision or shopping center near his home. This new development may cause flooding on the homeowner’s property, or the development creates unreasonable noise. The developer may have created what is called in the law, a nuisance. Through the legal system, the homeowner may receive money for the damages to his property or may have the developer correct the flooding problem.

Purchasing A Home

 The law protects buyers who purchase a home from a previous owner by requiring the seller to fill out a Tennessee Residential Property Disclosure Statement. If the seller does not disclose an issue, the buyer may have some rights through the legal system.

Boundary Line Dispute

All property lines are determined by what is recorded in the Register of Deeds. Sometimes the deeds are not correct and there are times that there are misrepresentations with respect to the property lines. There may also be easements that allow one property owner to cross another person’s property. Or, there may people using property that does not belong to them. Courts of equity can determine the rights of the property.