Estate Planning


You have a right to decide who will inherit your property, real estate or personal property. Preparing a Last Will and Testament allows you to give your property away, provide a guardianship for your minor children or set up a trust for the benefit of a loved one.

Power of Attorney

You have a right to determine the health care that you want. Through a Power of Attorney for Health Care, you can designate a person to make your health care decisions, if you are unable to make those decisions. In addition, you can appoint a person to handle your finances if you are unable to manage your finances.


There comes a time when an individual is unable to take care of himself. A conservatorship will allow someone to be appointed to take care of the person and to manage the person’s finances.


If the deceased person has a Will or does not have a Will, there may be a need to probate the decedent’s estate. Probate gives the Personal Representative the right to disburse the decedent’s property according to his wishes or according to the law.